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Voice of Change - Fasi Zaka

Fasi Zaka
is one of Pakistan"s leading television and radio host
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FasiZaka is one of Pakistan’s leading television and radio host, as well as a columnist. He attended Somerville College, Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar.
It might come as a surprise that, coming from a family that hunts for sport, FasiZaka never took up the hobby. He credits this to an incident during his childhood when he saw many, many beautiful birds that had been brought home after a hunt. It filled him with a deep sense of sorrow about their pointless killing.

“I have never hunted in my life despite it being a rite of passage in some ways, a marker for adulthood. It is odd though, I do enjoy shooting clays and targets - I just cannot hunt wildlife. Today though, I have a less extreme view of the sport after seeing many hunters in my own family drastically curtail how much they shoot after seeing what it has done to the number of migratory birds coming through.”
Talking about his association with the Panda, before becoming a Goodwill Ambassador, Zaka shared that he has been watching nature documentaries made in collaboration with WWF since childhood. A lot of his views on conservation have been forged by the organization in this manner.

Someone who is always looking for opportunities to learn, Zaka wants to be better informed about environmental issues that we face and what can be done to solve them at both, an individual and collective level.
“I have found the materials of the WWF both informative and compelling - my real hope is to serve as a conduit in playing my part to get more people to pay attention to both the research and these materials that highlight the state of the environment.”

As a personal lifestyle change, Zaka has been trying to go plastic-free and has succeeded to the extent that he no longer uses single-use plastic bags, specifically for items that can be easily carried. He considers this a small step and plans to work on it further. In addition to this, he chose to promote the plantation of indigenous trees from three call to actions for Earth Hour.

Given his intention of playing a role in communicating the seriousness of environmental issues that we face, Zaka and WWF-Pakistan are launching a podcast series, covering key environmental and conservation topics that Pakistan faces. This series aims to persuade enough people, start a debate and sensitize them to step up and play their individual part and contribute solutions.
We are really excited to have FasiZaka as our Goodwill Ambassador and look forward to using his voice of change to help build a future where people can live in harmony with nature.

Building a future in which people live in harmony with nature.

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