Sugar Producer Support Initiative (SuPSI)

Sugar cane plantation  WWF-Brazil / Juvenal Pereira
Sugar cane plantation WWF-Brazil / Juvenal Pereira
WWF-Brazil / Juvenal Pereira
Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.) is one of the major crops of Pakistan. It provides raw material to sugar and sugar- related products. It helps in value addition to essential item for industries like sugar, chipboard and paper. Sugarcane is a commercially important crop that accounts for approximately 65 per cent of the global sugar production. Current production stands at 1450 million tons of cane from 22 million hectares worldwide. Pakistan is the 5th largest country in the world in terms of area under sugar cane cultivation, 11th by production and 60th in yield. Its share in value added of agriculture and GDP are 3.6 per cent and 0.8 per cent, respectively.

Sugarcane production is posing considerable impact on the environment and biodiversity than any other crop through lack of sustainable agricultural practices i.e. excessive use of water, rigorous use of inorganic fertilizers and extensive use of pesticides.

The overall goal of the Sugar Producer Support Initiative (SuPSI) is to add value to the sugarcane supply chain by supporting small scale farmers and farm workers and preparing them for BONSUCRO (Better Sugarcane Initiative) certification. SuPSI aims to consolidate efforts with existing stakeholders in the sugarcane sector to reach consensus on certifiable and sustainable sugar production. It will support the implementation of the metrical indicators developed by the BONSUCRO and make them operational for producers and processing companies involved.

Project Partners

  • National
  • Shakarganj Mills Ltd.
  • Agri. Extension department
  • United Nation development program
  • Department of Agri. Engineering Jhang
  • Engro Fertilizers Ltd.
  • Arysta Life sciences Ltd.
  • University of agriculture Faisalabad
  • International
  • Solidaridad

SAP Projects

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  • SuPSI Sugar Producer Support Initiative
  • BCFTF Better Cotton Fast Track Fund

  • Understanding the GHG emissions and Water Footprint (environmental footprint) associated with Cotton Cultivation in Cotton-growing Regions of India and Pakistan
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