Sustainable Agriculture Programme

Our Mission

Cotton © Global Warming Images / WWF-Canon
Cotton © Global Warming Images / WWF-Canon
Global Warming Images / WWF-Canon
Our mission is to empower and build capacity of the marginalized resource, poor farmers’ communities. This is done through innovation and dissemination of economically efficient ecological farming solutions and technologies, linkage development for agricultural commodities’ supply chain improvement, ensuring food security and promotion of Decent Work for All.

We also work to restrain the agricultural impacts on environment caused by unwise use of agrochemicals and irrational irrigation practices of potential water thirsty crops through promoting better management practices (BMPs) for sustainable agriculture in the country.

Our goals and strategies

  • Ensure that crop production is sustainable and has minimal negative environmental impacts to cope with climate change
  • Promote collaborative research, partnerships, and strengthening of national agricultural research and extension systems
  • Encourage the private sector to purchase sustainable commodities like Better Cotton to create an enabling environment and ultimately improve livelihood of farming communities

SAP Projects

  • SPRING Sustainable Cotton Production in Pakistan's Cotton Ginning SMEs
  • PSCI Pakistan Sustainable Cotton Initiative
  • SuPSI Sugar Producer Support Initiative
  • BCFTF Better Cotton Fast Track Fund

  • Understanding the GHG emissions and Water Footprint (environmental footprint) associated with Cotton Cultivation in Cotton-growing Regions of India and Pakistan
WWF-Pakistan Sustainable Agriculture Programme Project Areas