Engagement with Academia

In addition to working with the public, private and corporate sector, WWF-Pakistan lays equal emphasize on academia as well. In this context, WWF-Pakistan launched a course on Sustainable Development in Forman Christian College (FCC) in January 2014. The course examined aspects of environmental degradation, development, policy and poverty in the contemporary world. The course contents were based on prevailing pressing environmental challenges such as water scarcity, population dynamics, food security, climate change and loss of biodiversity and shed light on ways environmental inequalities can be transformed.

The course was facilitated by Ali Hasnain Sayed, Manager, Water Security and Stewardship at WWF-Pakistan.

24 students enrolled for the course which concluded successfully in June 2014. The future aim is to provide support to set up an independent Environmental Science department in FCC, and ultimately a Water Centre operating on a socio-technical approach.