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Tuna is a beautiful and highly evolved predator of our temperate and tropical oceans. It is also one of the most commercially valuable fish on earth. Tuna is not one fish but a group of different tuna species that are a member of the fish family Scombridae.

Key Facts

  • Common Name

    Gaydar, Dawan

  • English Name,Scientific Name

    Big Eye Tuna, (Thunnus obesus)

    Yellowfin Tuna,( Thunnus albacares)

    Longtail Tuna, (Thunnus tonggol)

    Skipjack Tuna, ( Katsuwonus pelamis)

    Striped bonito,( Sarda orientalis)

    Kawakawa, (Ethynnus affinis)

    Frigate Tuna,( Auxis thazard thazard)

    Bullet Tuna,( Auxis rochei rochei)

  • Length

    90 cm – 3 meters

  • Weight

    Weigh over half a ton

  • Habitat

    Mostly pleagic


Endangered Tuna © Helene Petit / WWF-Canon. rel=
Endangered Tuna © Helene Petit / WWF-Canon
© Helene Petit / WWF-Canon

There are many threats to tuna in the commercial and ecological sense. These include fishing beyond areas of national jurisdiction, lack of storage facilities which increases post-harvest losses, unregulated trade of tuna with Iran, catch comprises of high amount of by-catch, gillnet type of fishing which enmeshes the whole school of fishes.

What is WWF-Pakistan doing?

Tuna © Edward Parker / WWF-Canon . rel=
Tuna © Edward Parker / WWF-Canon
© Edward Parker / WWF-Canon
WWF-Pakistan is raising awareness and has conducted several workshops and meeting with the stakeholders. The industry has been taken on board which includes the Fisheries Development Board.

WWF–Pakistan is also collecting data from landing sites and from fishing vessels to bridge the gap for making robust and adequate policy regime.

Relevant Projects

Tuna Fisheries Coordination in the North Indian Ocean, Tuna Data Collection and MPA