Marine Turtles

What is WWF-Pakistan doing?

Turtles at Sandspit, Karachi ©  WWF-Pakistan . rel=
Turtles at Sandspit, Karachi © WWF-Pakistan
© WWF-Pakistan

WWF-Pakistan aims to protect endangered marine turtles and conserve their critical nesting sites. The main focus of the work will be on public awareness and community participation‚ with local communities being trained in turtle management techniques. In addition to this, monitoring of marine turtle populations is being done along the coast of Pakistan over the last decade. Using our wetland center as a base in Sindh‚ project staff has worked closely with Sindh Wildlife Department to monitor and conserve the green turtle population. WWF-Pakistan and respective departments have also conducted monitoring of pollutions in Balochistan and satellite tagging.

What you can do to help?

1. Create awareness for protection and conservation of turtles

2. Involve community members and CBOs in conservation initiatives

3. Restoration of turtle habitats


Turtle Tagging, Awareness and Conservation of Turtle Habitats