Common Leopard

What is WWF-Pakistan doing?

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© Uzma Khan / WWF-Pakistan
©Uzma Khan / WWF-Pakistan

WWF-Pakistan has been trying to help manage the conflict between local communities around Ayubia National Park area. We have initiated a conservation fund in collaboration the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Wildlife Department, established a community outreach programme to help them improve the livestock husbandry and manage diseases. WWF-Pakistan also arranges livestock vaccination programmes to reduce the mortality caused by disease break out.

WWF-Pakistan is conducting research on food habits of leopards and population abundance using camera traps and genetics. The first common leopard was collared recently to to conduct studies on ranging movements of leopards in Ayubia National Park. Get more details on collared common leopard here

We have installed signage in the park for awareness raising and run many campaigns with the schools.

WWF–Pakistan is also improving habitat of the common leopard through many initiatives they are part of a watershed project with the support from The Coca-Cola Foundation. We have been storing the natural springs through plantations and stabilizing landslides. We have taken numerous step for the local communities to protect forest such as alternate energy initiatives to reduce the burden on fuelwood, established nurseries that are manage by communities to restore forest and provide fruit trees to communities for livelihood support.

Did you know?

WWF-Pakistan collects a small portion of the leopard dropings from the field and extract DNA from it to calculate population.