Common Leopard

What is WWF-Pakistan doing?

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Leopard Martin Harvey / WWF-Canon
Martin Harvey / WWF-Canon

If you feed monkeys on your trip to the mountains in Pakistan you actually encourage these monkeys to leave the forests. Monkeys make a small proportion of the leopard food and so let the food be in the forest.

You can also help leopards by being very careful with the solid waste, the litter attract many other animals, which are food to leopard, near human settlements such as jackals, foxes, monkeys wild boar.

Some of us like hunting however hunting of animals strips forest of leopard food worsening the conflict between people and leopards.

We need to protect forest and animals to protect leopards. If we buy wood that comes from unsustainable forest resources then it is not a good news for leopards and its prey species.

Did you know?

WWF Pakistan collects a small portion of the leopard poo from the field and extract DNA from it to calculate population.