Who Do We Support?

Small Grants Programme
Small Grants Programme
Small Grants Programme
The Scientific Committee makes rigorous efforts to ensure that the grant for research and field work complements WWFs conservation priorities as outlined in its strategic plan, in the following main areas:

  • Forests
  • Species
  • Freshwater
  • Climate change / alternate energy

Some of the project themes where the SGP extends support include:

  • Biodiversity conservation (protection of threatened and endangered wildlife);
  • Habitat, forest and ecosystem conservation;
  • Climate change;
  • Pilot demonstrations and feasibility studies, particularly those that help in reducing the impact of human activities on nature;
  • Ecological baseline studies;
  • Freshwater conservation and management;
  • Promotion of alternative livelihood opportunities to reduce impact on natural resources;
  • Integrated watershed management and wetland conservation;
  • Promotion of clean environment by solid waste management.