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WWF-Pakistan launches Earth Hour 2016

Posted on 9 March 2016

Karachi, World Wide Fund for Nature-Pakistan (WWF–Pakistan) officially inaugurated Earth Hour (EH) 2016 in Marriot Hotel, Karachi by unveiling its celebrity ambassadors for the largest volunteer movement across the world. Qarshi Industries is the 6th year consecutive partner of Earth Hour.

EH-2016 celebrities included renowned veteran actors Sajid Hassan, popular VJ and model Anoushay Ashraf, leading drama actor Hasan Ahmed, Fashion Icon Amna Kardar and famous singer Uzair Jaswal. The current years’ theme for Earth Hour-2016 is ‘Change Climate Change’

Speaking on the occasion Rab Nawaz, Senior Director WWF-Pakistan said that switching of unnecessary lights for an hour may seem like a small act, but collectively the magnitude of this gesture is unimaginable. He also shared that a commitment to Earth Hour enables us not only to express our concern for our planet, but to also let the world know that we stand with them to find solutions to the rapidly escalating climate crisis. He emphasized on the need to change attitude of the people towards environment so that we could have a better future for coming generations.

Sania Khan, head of Corporate Partnerships and Fundraising Department of WWF-Pakistan said that amongst the many challenges that our country faces, this is one that we can actually do something about and therefore we are championing this campaign to give a strong message to the world that Pakistan cares. She hoped that more people will join them this year by switching off unnecessary lights and showing positive attitude towards mitigating climate change.

Hasan Ahmed said that Earth Hour gives people an opportunity to go beyond the usual limitations and look at the bigger picture before them. He also shared that he has joined this campaign to fulfil his part as a responsible global citizen and ignite a much needed change not only in the perception but also through practical actions. ‘We must all come together to work for better and healthy environment and take every possible effort to tackle this issue.

Anoushay Ashraf shared that people should take their children to the parks, beaches and other such places so that they have chance to learn about environment. Earth Hour is very much significant in the way that it brings the whole world together for one noble cause. People have started to realize that the environment has a huge impact on their lives and every positive step creates a long term benefit for them and the world.

Sajid Hassan shared that people need to conserve energy and water. Energy crisis has become a daily problem for everybody. He was of the view that switching of unnecessary lights for an hour may seem like a small act in front of such challenges but collectively the magnitude of this gesture is unimaginable. ‘I hope that as an ambassador for Earth Hour 206, we can encourage and inspire the citizens of Pakistan to be a part of this global change and secure a better environment for ourselves and for future generations, he added

Other speakers including Shahbaz Islam, GM Corporate Communications of SSGC and Irshad Adamjee, Board member WWF-Pakistan and Azhar Majeed CEO of Geo News also spoke on the occasion.

Earth Hour is the world’s largest grassroots movement to combat climate change. It started from Sydney, Australia in 2007. It has grown to become a global movement that now involves every continent across the globe. Earth Hour invites people everywhere to voluntarily switch off all unnecessary lights for one hour as a symbolic act to show their commitment to saving the planet. In 2015, Earth Hour reached over 1.8 billion people, with more than 7000 cities and towns taking part in 162 countries, and cementing its place as the largest grassroots campaign in history. EH 2016 will be observed on 19 March from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM all over the world.


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