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Conservation Awards for field conservationist by WWF - Pakistan

29th March, 2010

WWF - Pakistan organised the Syed Asad Ali Conservation Award (SAAC) and the Living Planet Award ceremony on Monday 29th March, 2010.
The Syed Asad Ali Conservation (SAAC) Award is given to pay tribute to Syed Asad Ali for his contributions to conserve wildlife and natural resources of the country. This year the SAAC Award was presented to Ayub Dablo, Asgher Ali Detho and Ashfaq Ahmed Ashufta for their efforts as conservationists in their respective areas.
Group photo of the award winners with Iqbal Ahmed Qarshi , Iqbal Ahmad Channa and WWF - Pakistan Scientific Committee Members
Iqbal Ahmed Qarshi , Presedient WWF - Pakistan presented souvenir to Chief Guest of the ceremony, Iqbal Ahmad Channa, Minister for Special education

Ayub Dablo received this award for his contributions towards the plantation and conservation of mangroves over an area of more than 495 hectares in Keti bunder. Mr. Ashafaq Ahmad Ashufta was selected for SAAC Award for the continued efforts that he made to conserve the Kalij Pheasant with the involvement of local community in Jafferabad village of Abbottabad. Mr. Asghar Ali Detho, a game inspector at Pai Forest Game Reserve received this award for performing his duty of forest conservation fearlessly despite of the hurdles created by the influential hunters.

Iqbal Ahmad Channa, Minister for Special Education and Iqbal Qarshi, President WWF - Pakistan, Dr. Kausar Abdullah Malik distributed the awards, certificates and cheques of Rs. 50,000/- among the recipients.

The Living Planet Award is given to those organisations and researchers that have made a significant contribution to nature conservation through WWF – Pakistan’s Small Grant Programme funded Projects.  This award was given to the Society for Social Development and Conservation of Nature, Lasbella for sustainable utilisation of fisheries resources, to Daran Conservation Society for a successful community based Marin Turtle at Jiwani. Dr. Sheikh Ajaz Rasool from University of Karachi received this award for his research on the water quality of Keenjhar and Haleji lakes.

Certificate of appreciation were also presented to Mr. Abdul Samad Dawood, CEO of Dawood Corporation for donating an amount of Rupees 2.5 million to WWF – Pakistan and to Ms. Raina Saeed Khan upon receiving an Award at UN Copenhagen Conference on the article that she has written on Keti Bunder. Certificate of appreciation was also presented to Samma TV to extend financial support for the students’ research to environment and biodiversity of Pakistan. Certificate was also

Speaking on the occasion Iqbal Qarshi, President WWF – Pakistan while congratulating the award recipients highlighted the need of sustainability of conservation efforts which is possible through the support of corporates and passionate individuals. Dr. Kauser Abdulla Malik, Chairman Scientific Committee expressed their compliments to the award recipients. Minister for Education congratulated the recipients and emphasized the need for protection of wildlife and the habitats.


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