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WWF - Pakistan and CFE Sign MoU, Vow to work for Environmental Education

09 February, 2011

Lahore: World Wide Fund for Nature – Pakistan (WWF – Paksiatn) and Center for Financial Excellence (CFE) has signed a MoU to jointly work towards spreading environmental education and creating a new generation of youngsters who are aware of conservation issues of our country. College and University level students will be hosted by WWF – Pakistan for exhaustive ‘Eco Internships’, where they will learn about conservation issues through theory and practical fieldwork as part of this programme.

WWF - Pakistan initiated a nation-wide Eco Internship Programme in schools and colleges across the country in 2009. These six sessions long summer internship is held for students from across Pakistan at a school, college and university level. The motivating and interactive sessions on environmental challenges including Alternative Energy, Climate change, Water Conservation, Species, Waste Management etc are delivered to the registered students by specialists and conservationists.

The Eco Internship Programme also aims to not only develop an environmentally conscious generation but will also provide an opportunity to the young students to understand their responsibility by contributing towards community at large. The Eco Internship sessions give students an insight into the eco dynamics of the region, environmental challenges and offers sustainable solutions to the problems. Hands on activities like preparing a biogas model, interactive discussions, creative challenges and an enriching exposure visit are also a part of this extensive programme.

Participating students receive a certificate after the successful completion of the internship, affiliating them with WWF – Pakistan for future conservation efforts.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Anwar Nasim, Director Operations of WWF – Pakistan said, ‘WWF – Pakistan has been committed to highlighting issues pertaining to the environment and conservation in our country for more than forty years. This partnership is meant to create a constituency of environmentally enlightened, like minded people who can effect change. This hand’s on awareness programme with a global organization will also enhance the future education and career prospects for the students of CFE.’


Discussing the value of a sound environmental education for the students, Mr. Adnan Rashid, Principal of CFE, ACCA Campus added, ‘we take a very holistic approach towards educating our students so that they become well-rounded and aware global citizens. This partnership with WWF – Pakistan is yet another step to ensure whether our students go on to become financiers, accountants, or economists, they do so by also being environmentally sensitive and inclined to preserve the natural resources they use.’

Both Mr. Nasim and Mr. Rashid lauded their respective teams for bringing the two organisations together and ensuring that environmental awareness and education becomes helpful for enlightening all.

UPDATE (13-2-2011): Furthering the partnership with WWF - Pakistan, CFE participated in the WWF – Pakistan Nature Carnival held here on Sunday at the Race Course Park in Lahore. While supporting the green agenda of the event, the institution also imparted information about their work in the country and how they can support students on their financial educational endeavours.



About WWF – Pakistan: World Wide Fund for Nature - Pakistan was formed in 1970 to address the growing environmental and conservation issues in Pakistan that not only affected the flora and fauna, but were also affecting the human population. WWF – Pakistan is a non-profit organisation, working preserve, conserve and save our environment and natural resources. Today, WWF - Pakistan works through 31 offices with a team of approximately 340 dedicated staff members. We have our Head Office in Lahore, regional offices in Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Gilgit, Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Quetta, and project offices wherever there is need and the potential to make a difference.