Consumer Habit Survey

Theme 1: Energy Conservation 20

Do you always turn off computers / laptops from the power switch when it is not in use?

I turn it to sleeping mode when not in use
Sometimes I forget to turn it off

Do you turn off lights when you leave your office, toilet, kitchen, etc?

Yes, I always turn them off

Do you switch off your printer when not in use?

I don't use a printer

In the day time, you prefer using daylight?


Theme 2: Paper Saving 15

Do you print documents?

Yes, often
Sometimes when it is urgently needed
I donít need print outs as most of the work is electronic

When you print, do you prefer duplex prints?

Yes, most of the time
No, mostly I have to take one sided prints

What in-house communication technique you prefer using?

Something in hard form (brochure, pamphlet, on the notice board)
Through email, website or internal portal, etc
Using hard and soft forms both

Theme 3: Green Procurement 10

Do you prefer purchasing products with more packaging?

I try to avoid products that have more packaging
Sometimes, I try to buy products with less packaging
Packaging and no packaging doesnít really matter

Is your procurement department aware of the Eco friendly products and appliances and the need to prefer them while purchasing?

Yes, procurement department is well aware and makes all green purchases
To some extent
No knowledge about eco-friendly material

Theme 4: Sustainable Transportation 20

How do you travel between work and home?

On my own car
Through public transport
Through carpool
By walking or cycling

Do you prefer using phone, internet, and video conferences instead of business trips?

Yes I use video conferences mostly
No, my work involves face to face meetings
I donít have business trips
Sometimes, I use phone and internet to communicate

Theme 5: Wise Water Use10

Is there a monitoring / reporting method in case a leakage occurs in the toilets or kitchen?

Yes, Always

If your office has a lawn area, which water is used to irrigate it?

The ground water
Surface water
Treated effluents from plant site

Theme 6: Waste & Recycling 20

Do you have waste sorting system at your office?

No, the sorting is not currently practiced
I donít know
Yes, sorting occurs after the total waste is collected
Yes, waste is segregated in three colored bins at the source

Is there electronic waste (old batteries, bulbs) segregation at your office?

Yes, there is a separate bin for electronic waste and a staff designated to collect it.
Sometimes, the e-waste is separately sold out by the staff

How do you manage the recyclable waste such as glass and plastic?

Sell it out to recycling vendors
We do not sort out the recyclables
Yes some sorting is done

Do you use disposable dishes at office?


Theme 7: Motivating Colleagues 5

Encourage colleagues to do environmentally friendly practices

Yes, Always
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