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Habitat mapping of key fauna species:

Habitat mapping of key fauna species:. rel=
Habitat mapping of key fauna species:
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The habitat of species is described through geographic, physical, and biotic components. GIS and Remote Sensing based tools provide efficient means to describe habitats.
The lab conducts land cover studies with a particular focus on vegetation. The habitat structure and diversity of plant species is identified through land cover mapping and habitat preferences of wildlife species is explained. This is important in prioritizing interventions for conservation of species. One such intervention can be identifying area to establish forest corridors to facilitate the movement of species from one forest patch to another. Comprehensive studies on Punjab Urial in Salt Range and Western Tragopan in Palas Valley have been conducted. Presently distribution of Kashmir Markhor is being assessed in northern Pakistan and habitat of Smooth Coated Otter is being evaluated in Indus Plains.