GIS Laboratory

Information & Communication Technology for Conservation

The Geographical Information System (GIS ) laboratory of WWF-Pakistan is the largest environmental conservation GIS set up in Pakistan. It was established over ten years ago as a facility to handle large geo-spatial datasets related to environmental management and conservation in Pakistan.

Activities of GIS Laboratory are directly in line with Article 17 of the Convention on Biodiversity (CBD)
The GIS Laboratory provides:
  • Systematic collection, standardized storage and sharing mechanism through websites of habitats and species data in all over the Pakistan.
  • Standardize data sets available through our web portal like, and and are widely used by organizations, scientists, institutions involved in conservation activities
  • Advance level trainings regarding GIS and remote sensing to the government/ non government departments and educational institutes.
These activities complement the mission of WWF - Pakistan to conserve natural and ecological processes and to ensure its sustainable use.