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Participation in Earth Hour symbolizes a commitment to change beyond the hour

Every year through Earth Hour we inspire people to help the planet. It is about taking steps in our daily lives which resonates to bigger impacts. We are uniting people to protect the planet.

To support this cause and to take this beyond an hour of engagement this year WWF has taken an Earth Hour Challenge initiative. Therefore, to help shine a light on climate action,WWF-Pakistan isinviting people including corporates, individuals, celebrities, educational institutions, etc. to take a step forward and take up either or all of the following challenges to make their contributions towards climate action mitigation.
  • Water conservation challenge
  • Plantation drive challenge
  • Waste management challenge
  • Social media super pledge
  • Say no to plastic pollution
  • Youth talent show

Earth Hour 2016 is asking you to:

  • Take social media challenge making a video of taking up any of the Earth Hour 2016 Challenge, tagging 2others to do the same and post it on social by hash tagging #EarthHour #EarthHourChallenge#changeclimatchange
  • Join us on Saturday 19th March 2016 at Qarshi University, Lahore and Frere Hall, Karachi.
  • Restrict your actions by:
  • Switch off your un-necessary lights for Earth Hour at 8:30pm, Saturday 19th March 2016 and celebrate your commitment to the planet with the people of the world
  • Sustain your actions beyond the hour

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 / © Zahoor Salmi/ WWF-Pakistan
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© Zahoor Salmi/ WWF-Pakistan