Coffee Talk:Intimate Nature

Coffee Talk:Intimate Nature

By Fatima Arif
is one of Pakistan"s leading television and radio host
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Intimate Nature is the compilation of real life stories of women and their experiences in bonding with the nature world. Before you let your imagination construct a stereotypical image of these women in the brackets of hippies and tree huggers, I would suggest you hold it right there. The profiles of contributors ranges from scientists, artists, women tending to their gardens and crossing paths with different animal species, native Americans and even a woman indulging her daughter’s budding interest of riding!

History is filled with ample proof that the respect and bond with the natural world is encoded in our genes. Along the way some pushed this trait into dormancy, tipping the balance. This has been aptly summed up in the story First People by Linda Hogan, in the book in the following words:

“Through our failed humanity they (animals) are vanishing, and along with them we are losing something of utmost importance: the human traits of love, empathy and compassion. As we lose the animals, it is not only clear that our own health will soon follow, but some part of our inner selves knows that we are losing what brings us to love and human fullness. Our connection with them has been perhaps the closest thing we have had to a sort of grace.”

Even though the writers have diverse backgrounds, as a result their writing styles are quite different as well. However, you don’t feel disorientated and find a coherent message imbedded in all the stories – we find peace adhering to the natural balance.

These real life stories transport you into their worlds and you go through the emotional spectrum with them, coming out understanding the transformation these women went through and with traits that they carried for the rest of their lives. If nothing else a part of that trait is bound to brush off on you as well; and it is going to be worth it.
The book is available in WWF-Pakistan’s Resource Centre and members can access it by contacting sending an email to

Fatima Arif is Senior Officer Digital Media, WWF-Pakistan.

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