Water Stewardship with Levi's Vendors in Lahore

Duration: 1 year (Sept 2016 – June 2017) Target Area: Lahore Donor: LS&CO Partners: WWF-US


Levi Strauss & Co.(LS&Co) is one of the world’s leading apparel companies providing tops, bottoms and a variety of licensed products through its four brands; Levi’s®, Dockers®, Levi Strauss Signature™ and Denizen®. The company’s commitment to sustainability has gone beyond regulatory compliance or minimizing environmental impact of business practices. By building sustainability into its business, LS&Co has emerged as a sustainability leader in the apparel industry. Throughout the product lifecycle, water is recognized as essential to every step of the business: from cotton fields to manufacturing facilities to consumer use. In an era of increasing water stress, LS&Co also recognizes that water is essential for many stakeholders – communities, agriculture, and many industries.

The Ravi River basin, a sub-watershed of the Indus and the main water source flowing through Punjab province, contributes more than 50 per cent of the pollution load to the Indus, and most of the textile industry is located here. Consequently, the Ravi basin presents significant physical, regulatory and reputation risk, as well as potential for marked improvement and sustainability leadership from the apparel sector. While LS&Co does source from large vendors in Karachi, the majority of vendor business is located in Punjab province. While water challenges do persist in Karachi, industry is already installing advanced technologies for water use and conservation while Lahore is lags behind.


Private sector sustainability leaders help set the action agenda for the Lahore City Water Stewardship Partnership and expand private sector adoption of water stewardship to improve the health of the River Ravi for thriving communities, businesses and ecosystems.


  • Conduct a rapid needs assessment of LS&Co vendors in the Lahore area via workshop and follow-up meetings
  • Co-develop 2-3 strategic priorities with LS&Co vendors, map how LS&Co priorities overlap with other Lahore CWSP participants, and recommend options to pursue through the CWSP
  • Facilitate LS&Co vendor(s) inclusion in the Lahore City Water Stewardship Partnership (CWSP), with offer for one to participate in the steering group (ideally a local WS advocate and champion)
  • Engage LS&Co vendors and LS&Co Sustainability Team on further stakeholder analysis for the Lahore region (e.g. identify key stakeholders within the LS&Co supply chain, as well as other big textile brands with supply chains in Pakistan, that would be good candidates for involvement in the CWSP