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Pakistan Well Represented at the 2010 United Nations Private Sector Forum on Millennium Development Goals

21 September, 2010

Lahore: The 2010 United Nations Private Sector Forum at the UN Headquarters in New York focuses on ‘Green Economy’ and global efforts for ecologically sustainable development. President of World Wide Fund for Nature – Pakistan and CEO of Qarshi Industries, Mr. Iqbal Qarshi, will be joining UN General-Secretary Ban Ki-moon, a group of 300 Heads of State, chief executives, civil society leaders and heads of UN Agencies to discuss the volatile rise in unsustainable business and development practices that are hindering the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) across the globe, and how dialogue and pertinent shift in policy and effort can help nations like Pakistan honor their commitment to the Goals.

Now, with five years left to achieve these Goals, the United Nations Private Sector Forum 2010 has been called to facilitate debate and dialogue about the concrete actions the private sector around the world can take to fill any MDG implementation gaps. The Forum will further shed light on the ground that has been covered so far, the milestones achieved and the identification of areas where partnerships can be forged between the private and the public sector to work on a collective platform that involves Governments as well.

Mr Iqbal Qarshi will represent Pakistan at the Forum along with his colleagues from different walks of life.Qarshi Industries has the largest portfolio of natural herbal products made with environmentally sound practices, Qarshi Industries is one of the few businesses in the country that are actively pursuing a ‘Green Economy’ agenda, which is also a theme to be focused on during Forum. Furthermore, his affiliation with WWF – Pakistan puts him in a unique position to authoritatively comment on economical as well as environmental issues that are prevalent in Pakistan.

Pakistan is a country of abundant natural resources and manpower. These are a key factor in achieving the Millenium Development Goals. “Whether it is poverty reduction, awareness about socio-economic imbalances, education of our children and their health, maternal health and gender sensitization or researching ways to combat diseases and ailments such as HIV/AIDS, the true need of the hour is for open dialogue and collaboration amongst local and global partners, as well as support from the Government, to truly accomplish what we set out to do,” said Mr Qarshi, before his departure to New York. Mr Qarshi, who has proven himself to be a visionary leader with an active and immediate interest in the environment and the conservation of natural resources and endemic species of flora and fauna, also added, “We must realize that in the next five years, what we do in terms of climate change, environment and species conservation is what’s going to shape the world for our future generations. All of these are interlinked with human social development. With growing demands of food, water, and sanitation with the population boom, the hour to understand our limitations in terms of economic growth is here. However, this is also the right time to bank on our strengths in terms of research, resources and resilience and honour our commitment to achieving the Millennium Development Goals.”

Speaking about the recent devastating floods that have ravaged Pakistan, Mr Qarshi said that the human, economic and environmental impact of these floods is so much that even WWF – Pakistan, which is not an aid and relief organization, has joined the relief effort without reservations. As far as the fact that the setbacks faced by every sector in the country due to floods may have hindered the achievement of the MDGs, Mr Qarshi was optimistic.

“It is crucial for Pakistan to be represented at platforms such as this prestigious Forum so that the world is aware of the fact that although down, our spirits are still unbeaten. The potential that we possess as a developing economy must be tapped with partnership and adoption of global scale best practices.”

The United Nations Private Sector Forum will be a one day event on 22nd September.


About Millennium Development Goals
The Millenium Development Goals is an ambitious and long term initiative by the United Nations. It focuses on key global issues such as addressing extreme poverty to finding way to halt the spread of HIV/AIDS and providing universal primary education, all by the target date of 2015. Since 2000, all the world’s countries and leading development issues have joined the push for achieving these goals in their respective halves of the world, while contributing significantly to a global scale strain of sustainable development that will ultimately help mankind in general and will significantly cut down on the environmental strain that massive consumption and unsustainable practices have put on our planet. Unprecedented efforts have been seen from all corners of the globes, and Pakistan is involved in the process as well, although our country’s commitment to the MDGs has a long way to go.

About WWF - Pakistan
World Wide Fund for Nature - Pakistan was formed in 1970 to address the growing environmental and conservation issues in Pakistan that not only affected the flora and fauna, but were also affecting the human population. WWF – Pakistan is a non-profit organisation, working to preserve, conserve and save our environment and natural resources. Today, WWF - Pakistan works through 31 offices with a team of approximately 340 dedicated staff members. We have our Head Office in Lahore, regional offices in Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Gilgit, Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Quetta, and project offices wherever there is need and the potential to make a difference.

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