Water Conservation

WWF-Pakistan is working to restore degraded habitats and implement a representative network of well-managed freshwater protected areas.

Pakistan has more than 225 significant wetlands covering an estimated 780,000 hecatres, 19 of these are the Ramsar sites recognized by the Ramsar Convention Bureau. These include the freshwater and marine wetlands. But these were not being managed. As a result, these were degrading due to over exploitation of wetland resources, threats to the wetland species and habitats as well as the lack of awareness, and planning and management of wetlands. The enabling environment in terms of wetland policy, legal and institutional framework and capacities is also lacking or weak at best.

Pakistan Wetlands Project (PWP) was developed by WWF-Pakistan, coordinated by UNDP during development phase and UNDP continues its coordination during implementation of the full project. The project implementation began in August 2005. The project promoted the sustainable conservation of naturally occurring freshwater and marine wetlands and their associated globally important biodiversity in Pakistan.

PWP's aim was to create and maintain a positive, enabling national environment for wetlands conservation through policy development, training, capacity and awareness building. It also provided replicable working samples of wetlands conservation and management in the form of community based management plans for four wetlands complexes, each representing a specific eco-region.

For more information please, visit: http://pakistanwetlands.org/

Ali Hasnain Sayed
Senior Manager Freshwater
"Water is everybody's Business "

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